How to do simple party makeup at home?

How to do simple party makeup at home?

Simple party makeup at home is all you need when you have to go out for dinner date, outing with friends or family. All you need for a simple party makeup is a kit packed with beauty products of personal choice and some simple tips to achieve that look. Steps on simple party makeup at home are discussed as follows.

Firstly it all depends on the outfit you choose to wear to decide what makeup is to be added to the skin. However, basic products which should be included in the makeup kit are a primer, concealer, foundation a kohl pencil, blush and a sexy lip color.


applying primer

Step 1:- Applying primer.

A primer, moisturizer or a hydrating serum are recommended to be applied before starting off with the makeup to ensure the skin is supple and can hold the makeup for a longer period of time. This is considered as the initial and most important step on How to do simple party makeup at home?



applying concealerStep 2:- Concealer.

A concealer is applied right after priming the face to hide dark circles and pigmentation on the skin. It can also be applied to the areas which need to be highlighted like the center of the nose blending slightly upward onto the forehead, on the cheekbones and chin with your fingers for a smooth finish to achieve simple party makeup at home.


applyinh foundation

Step 3:- Foundation.

After the above-written steps apply foundation in a shade that suits your skin color perfectly, all over your face and neck to give it a similar look. Blend it properly to give it a natural look and a fine finish as well. To make sure that the concealer and the foundation stay in place a compact can be applied, to be done with the face makeup finally.



eye shadow on hoe to do simple party makeup at home?Step 4:- Eyeshadow.

For a simple party makeup at home shadows onto the eyes help in giving a formal look to the face, eye look varies upon the mood of the person. An individual can go for a sultry bold eye or even highlighting the lids and bronze the crease of the eye followed by a winged eyeliner or a kohl. Apply mascara on the lashes to give the lashes a fuller and lengthier look.




Step 5:- Blush.  blush pallete

Add a pop of color with a blush. Pat the colored blush onto the apples of your cheeks and make broad upward strokes along the length of your cheekbones, for a simple party makeup at home.




lipsticks for how to do party makeup at home?Step 6:- lipgloss/ Lipstick.

A red lip liner on the lips followed by a bright red lipstick is a great night out or a party makeup option. A dab of a highlighter just on the center of the lips to make them look fuller can be applied or a lip gloss is also a great option for that purpose.



With these simple party makeup at home tips, you’re ready to have a great outing. Make sure to accessories and complement your outfit with tousled wavy hair to give yourself a stylish look.

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