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Makeup is basically colored substances used on your face and skin to improve or change its appearance. It helps in making feel and looks good so that a particular person is confident enough to present herself in front of everyone.

Makeup and beauty have become a very important aspect of one’s daily life especially a woman. Evidence of makeup and beauty is prevailing everywhere for instance in magazines, tv or fashion shows. Makeup includes products like foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara lipstick and eyeshadow etc.

People in the society usually prefer to wear makeup at special occasions to build up a better appearance on the contrary if minimal makeup is applied to enhance the natural beauty it should be appreciated to give someone confidence.

Applying makeup in Indian society every day is considered as trying to impress or attract others. It could even be said that using makeup makes a person feels confident and even look more polished by hiding their minimal flaws.

Teenager girls like to do makeup as they become fascinated with it quite soon. They prefer using natural looking makeup like powdered foundation a hint of blush, mascara for more bigger looking eyes or a bit of eyeliner as well to give a definition to the eyes followed by a basic pink lip gloss which helps them looking more pretty and confident.

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