How to do summer party makeup?

How to do summer party makeup?

How to do summer party makeup?

Summer is usually defined as hot weather, humidity and sweaty skin, but summer, on the contrary, is full of wonderful things as well, but melting makeup and smeared eyeliner is not among them. Best tips for keeping makeup looking fresh and pretty all day long or when going to a party, even when the weather is working against you. Here are some useful tips to achieve summer party makeup.


using primer


The way you care for your skin it shows the similar way when one applies makeup. Using oil-free products like moisturizer, sunscreen and primer to start with the makeup is a good way to avoid the makeup getting off. So it becomes must in summers to add the daily regime and a primer on the skin to increase the longevity of the makeup applied.


2. POWDERED FOUNDATION podered foundation

Powder foundation is a foundation that has a coverage like a proper foundation by is powder based. This foundation is usually recommended in summers as it helps in controlling the excess oil that is responsible for damaging the makeup. Powder foundation helps in giving the flawless look which can be undertaken for a daily routine or for any summer party makeup.





Bronzing in the summers helps in giving a sunkissed glow yet giving an illusion of a chiselled face by defining the cheekbones, nose and the jawline. Usually, contouring is the actual technique of giving the illusion effect but a bronzer can help in serving that purpose and saves time to blend in the product.


4. BLUSH AND HIGHLIGHTER blush and highlighetr

Blush always accentuate the look if rightly applied. Depending on the shades of lighter ones for summer and bit bright can be used in winters. A little tint of light peach blush for summer parties and outings with a sheen of the highlighter is a great summer party look. Avoid applying excessive highlighter on the face as it might look made up and greasy on the skin in summer. As there is an overall glow when a person is glowing from within so using an excessive amount of the shimmer will not work.



5. EYE MAKEUPeye makeup

In summers the biggest concern is to make the eyeshadow stay, so for longer lasting shadow avoid using eye cream on the lids, smooth the lids with a mattifying primer which can minimize the creasing and can create a base for the shadow to cling on. On the contrary, any eyeshadow can look good during the summer party according to the personal choice so an edgy look or a subtle sheen to the eye makeup accentuating them with an eyeliner and mascara looks the best.

6. LIP STAINSlip stains

Lip stains work the best in summers and that too when going to a party. Lipsticks or glosses tend to look a person oily or they may get off quite soon, so matte lipsticks or stains are a go to for a party look in summer. A party look is completed by using matching lip shade with the blush and the outfit one is wearing.



These are few tips to rock the summer party look. To read more blogs on makeup check out makeup blogs written by me here