How to stay healthy and fit in summer of 2018?

healthy and fit in summer

Summer means fun and frolic but people sometimes forget that the scorching summer sun is not as kind on their skin as the winter rays are. The intense summer heat not only affects our body but the skin too. To stay healthy and fit in summer one needs to take care of simple and usual factors.

These problems are further compounded by dehydration, leading to electrolyte imbalance due to excessive sweating. This also tells on your skin harshly.


Points which can help to stay healthy and fit during summer are:

drinking water

  • Keep yourself hydrated:- The key to stay healthy and fit in summer is to keep yourself hydrated. The water content of the body should not decrease that it leads to dehydration. In an alternative to water, watery fruits like watermelon which is high in vitamin A, B6, C and even potassium. Other fruits like pineapple, oranges, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, and even peaches help you to stay hydrated as well as healthy and fit in summer.



no fried food

  • Avoid fried foods:- starchy or high-calorie food should not be consumed much as it eventually leads to high sweating in the body which is unhygienic. In fact, one should even not mistake their thirst with their hunger as you might end up eating instead of drinking which does to fulfil the water content in the body. Avoiding fried and starchy food will eventually help you to stay healthy and fit in summer.




  • Excercise:- To keep yourself healthy and fit in summer exercise is the best way to do. Exercise helps in maintaining the fit physical appearance and even calms the mental state of a person if a person is suffering from any stress or depression. As mentioned above exercise is the major aspect of staying fit and healthy.



low fat yogurt

  • Healthy cheating:- Healthy cheating involves consuming junk food but less calorie. For instance, frozen yoghurt, this sort of ice cream can calm down the sugar craving for ice cream and additionally helps in maintaining the health and fit in summer as well.






  • Good hygiene:-  Taking a shower twice a day or at least once a day can control body’s PH level. That helps in cleaning the body thoroughly and even gives a fresh feel and look to the body which is eventually a healthy sign for one’s life. So one must take shower once a day to stay healthy and fit in summer.




These are some of the few tips which are necessary for a person in routine to stay healthy and fit in summer.


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